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Order 2017 Kooiker Kalendars
2017kalendaradchronicle-bKCUSA members: $17 each. NOW $15 only. Non-members: $20 each. To order: Include the number of Kalendars (x $17 or $20 each), your information (name, postal address, phone, email) and check (or if paying by credit card, a request to be contacted for payment). Add $5 for shipping and handling. Email your order to Ann@kooikeriserman.com, call (217) 582-2288, or send by post to KCUSA, PO Box 57, Ogden, IL 61859.


snowflakeFEBRUARY 11 or 12. Frosty Frolic. Sue and Paul would like to invite friends and family with kooikers and wanna-be kooikers to a frosty frolic in the forest. The quietness of the snow enhances the serene grandeur of the magnificent tree canopy of hundred-year-old pine trees in the Simcoe Forest near Barrie, Ontario.
We will have hot chocolate for warming up people and extra winter coats for our orange and white friends on the walk. After the walk we will have soups and chili, etc., at a gathering at the Allard’s residence.
Our puppies will be eight weeks old and will not be going on the walk but will be at our home to play with their bigger cousins.
E-mail me at four_quarters_@hotmail.com if you plan on coming.

Thank you, Sue
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APRIL 15, 2017. KCUSA Open Show, Perry, Georgia, in conjunction with the Peach Blossom Cluster of dog shows. READ MORE.peach-blossom-cluster

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July 22: The 2016 board election tabulation was read at the annual meeting in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

July 2016: New DNA test more accurate for testing dogs for ENM. Read more here.

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