Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows, March 3 & 4

The Kooikerhondje Club of the USA made a great splash at one of the biggest dogs shows in the country! We were invited by the Detroit Kennel Club to be the designated new breed at the Meet the Breed booths at their Benched Dog Shows on March 3 and 4, 2012.

The kennel club thought we did a bang-up job of our booth, and awarded us the Best Decorated Bench ribbon! Many thanks to Club President Rod Beckstead, VP Ann Knoop, Secretary Barbra Ritenour, Karen Dean, Linda Dean, Rose Shenk, and others who brought handouts, decorations, and snacks to make our booth shine.

People entering Cobo Hall for the dog show walked by the new dog breeds before seeing anything else. They passed an informational table explaining Foundation Stock Services and the steps to getting a breed fully recognized by the AKC. Then they walked past the new breed booths, and the Nederlands Kooikerhondje was the first breed they saw! We had a steady stream of visitors over the two day period, and talked to literally thousands of people. Some folks came to the show specifically to meet us and our dogs!


Nine KCUSA club members and at least as many dogs convened in Michigan to participate.


Below are some of the group and our Fun Match judge, Marie Povilitis, enjoying our dogs during set up the evening before the shows.

Conquered by Kooikers!

A note from Club President Rod Beckstead:

We had a fantastic Match Saturday after Best in Show in the huge Best in Show Ring. As we were ready to start, our judge Marie Povilitis appeared in sunglasses and a white cane. It got better from there on as she helped puppies as well as handlers, often from her knees, to make the pups feel more comfortable. So much fun. We only had eight dogs in the match, but everyone showed their hearts out, and took home a placement ribbon. Marie said that having to decide between two excellent individuals for the first place ribbon was the most difficult thing she had ever done! Please see the next newsletter and our website for photos.

It was at the end of a very grueling day with literally thousands of folks visiting the Rare Breeds. We were designated as the featured breed for this year and were given the prime location, right at the end of the benches. We had over 15 feet to decorate and use to show off our “Kooiker What?”’s.

Many thanks to those who drove great distances to join us: Rose Shenk and her family from Virginia;  Ann Knoop from Illinois; Karen Dean and Nathaniel Waxman from New York City, and Karen’s sister Linda, from Maryland; Barbara and Wayne Ritenaur from Maryland; and myself  from Pennsylvania, plus Kevin Helmut and his family who came in from Ann Arbor, MI.  I think each of us had a 9 to 10 hour drive each way (except Kevin). And of course the many Kooikerhondjes that represented the breed so well! They showed the beautiful variety within the breed.

We heard many comments that “they are the cutest breed here” or “we came just to see this breed–thank you for being here.”

To all, a huge Thank you.

Kooikerhondjes Take Detroit