Greenwich Kennel Club Annual Show, June 9, 2012

Learning how to manage the A frame

On June 9, six kooikerhondjes and their humans participated in the Greenwich Kennel Club’s annual show in Norwalk, Connecticut. For fun, several tried out the agility course and, after understanding what was expected of them, took to agility like pros. Later they spent an hour at the meet-the-breeds tent making friends with passersby and other dogs. They met AKC Judge Mrs. Toby Frisch who came by to learn about this little-known breed.

While the rainy day had some owners worrying about their dogs hair-dos, with our dogs’ naturally groomed coats, we were free to let them romp and ramble in the wet weather.

I wanna play, I wanna play, I wanna play!

Most of the dogs spent the evening out on the town of Norwalk the night before at the Burger Bistro, a dog-friendly restaurant. And they went on to a doggie birthday party the day after the event to celebrate the one-year birthday of Rosewood’s Litter D puppies.

Vonlin’s was well-represented at the show, with Rosie and Tucker and also Jackson. Rosewood’s was also there in force with Darby and Dunkie and also Elsie.

KCUSA is grateful to the Greenwich Kennel Club for extending the invitation to introduce kooikerhondjes to the public. We had a blast!