Rosewood’s Dragon on TV: 15 Seconds of Squirming Fame!

See KCUSA kooikerhondje Dragon, during Fox NY news clip about the MTB dog show at the Javits Center! He comes on after the Clumber Spaniel. He doesn’t stay long, and seems rather focused on getting back to Karen, his owner!

From Karen Dean:

“Dragon had gotten tangled up in camera cables as he tried to make his way across the super slippery studio floor to the stage set, and that’s what inspired the reporter’s comment about the cameras short circuiting when he hurtled off the stage back to me.  Dave, the guy on the morning show, brought his wife to meet Dragon on the second day of the MTB — he told her that this was the great dog he’d had on the show. Toward the end of the second day at Javits, a photographer from the AKC came over to photograph Dragon for the AKC Website. She said that she’d helped set up Dragon’s TV appearance and she wanted to meet him in person.”