Hail to the Champ! I-Ron Ravenswood von Wichtelhaus

After recovering from a very grueling eight dog shows in two days, Mr. I-Ron has now qualified to add the titles of International Champion and Intercontinental Champion to his name.

The International Champion is based on defeating other dogs in ring competition. He won three Group Third Place Awards, one Group Second Place Award and one Group First Place Award for which he received five beautiful rosettes and 24 ribbons. He needed 15 points and ended the two days with 19 points, based on the number of dogs he defeated.

The Intercontinental Championship is based on the judge’s rating of the dog compared to the standard. I-Ron received four Excellent ratings and four Very Good ratings. To win the title, a dog must have five ratings of Excellent or Very Good. Again he had some to spare.

So just to offer an obscene brag–he will now be known as UKC Ch., International Ch., Intercontinental Ch. I-Ron Ravenswood von Wichtelhaus! And we are just waiting for the AKC to be available. We are thinking about some titles on the other end.

He loves to look at his ribbons.