Jacey Earns First Agility Leg

Jacey excelling in agility

Jacey excelling in agility

On September 28th, Jacey got her first agility leg at a trial of the K-9 Obedience Training Club of Menomonee Falls. The trial was held at Think Pawsitive, in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  She took first place in the 12 inch Novice JWW Preferred* class.

Jacey is so much fun to train and show. I’m very proud of her. She gets better with every trial we do. I am looking forward to a great agility career with her.

—Deb Tervelt

* JWW refers to Jumpers With Weaves, an AKC Dog Agility Event.

12 inch. All dogs are measured before they run in an AKC trial. Measurement is taken at the withers. Right now Jacey has a valid temporary jump height form: she was only 16 months old when she was measured, at 15.75 inches. When she turns two years old, she will be measured again by two different people to get a permanent height card. Her Regular jump height class will be 16 inches. That means the bars on the jumps are at that height.

Preferred. Because she is a young dog I choose to run her in the Preferred classes. In preferred a dog jumps four inches lower than their regular jump height plus they get a few more seconds of time. Jacey is jumping over bars set at 12 inches for now. As she gets older I will increase the height she jumps to 16 inches. Each jump height is called a class and dogs only compete against other dogs in their class.