Rosy and Yorick try Jumpers with Weaves and also Standard competition

A good time was had by all

A good time was had by all

On Saturday and Sunday, October 5 and 6, Weyers Cave (Virginia) held its yearly community dog show. So of course we entered Rosy, our Kooikerhondje, and Elsje McDonald entered her Kooikerhondje, Yorick. Elsje, who handles both dogs during agility training, also handled both dogs during the competition. We are very thankful for Elsje’s dog-training abilities and enthusiasm. Dwayne tried it and concluded that it isn’t where his talents lie. Elsje’s mother is Dutch, which may explain her affinity for Kooikerhondjes.

The competition had two parts. First came the “Jumpers with Weaves.” Both dogs had performed this over and over again at “Love on a Leash,” but when it came time to do it in an actual competition, Rosy was so glad to be out of her crate that she just ran around and around in circles on the grass, and disqualified herself. Yorick just walked around and sniffed everything and refused to run.

But in the “Standard” competition Rosy performed perfectly and got first prize, a blue ribbon. Yorick also did very well but disqualified himself by stopping to pee.

Sunday afternoon the competition repeated itself. Both dogs did very well in the “Jumpers with Weaves,” but they each made a jump in the wrong direction and disqualified themselves. In the “Standard” competition, Rosy ran into the tunnel and wouldn’t come out, so Wendy (the manager of Love on a Leash) had to crawl in and pull her out. Yorick did very well, but was a little slow and so did not get a ribbon.

Most importantly, we all had fun!

—Pat and Dwayne Martin

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All photographs courtesy of Kelly McDonald and Pat and Dwayne Martin