Badger Kennel Club’s 25th Annual Wisconsin Dog Fair—the Kooikerhondjes Were There

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On Sunday, November 3, several members of KCUSA participated in the Badger Kennel Club’s 25th Annual Wisconsin Dog Fair.  The Dog Fair is a one day educational event during which demonstrations, seminars, and AKC Meet the Breeds programs are offered to the public.

The Badger Kennel Club offered KCUSA a spot in the Rare Breed section.  Club members Joe and Kathy Kimmeth brought Halle and Josie (Vonlin’s Bronze Stardust and Ambermoon’s Christmas Star); Sarah Krueger brought Duncan and Gibson (Ambermoon’s Roller Soaker and Oorbellen Mel); Jac and Ann Knoop brought Max, Wicky, America, and Ammerstol (Buko, Amazing Wicky Acteraf, Amazing America van den Iserman Hoeve, and Amazing Ammerstol van den Iserman Hoeve).  The dogs took turns as hundreds of people interested in meeting and learning about our rare breed enthusiastically offered pats.

As the dogs received attention, members explained various aspects of the breed, including how to pronounce “Kooikerhondje.”  KCUSA also provided educational materials for the public to take home.  Kathy Kimmeth and Ann Knoop participated in the Breed Parade with Halle and Max.  KCUSA members enjoyed sharing the joy of owning a Kooiker with the people of Madison, Wisconsin and the public loved the Kooiker experience.

—Jac Knoop