Eight Kooiker Ambassadors in Allentown

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Eight kooikerhondjes & 15 kooiker humans attended the Allentown Canine Learning Experience January 25. With six of them being puppies, we always had some kind of excitement at the booth.

Many thanks to everyone who made it such a successful weekend:

  • Sue Allard & husband with Elf
  • Ed & Mary Andrews with Holly
  • Rod & Marta Beckstead with I-Ron
  • Sally Birgl with Suusje
  • Philip & Sheri DeJan with Escher
  • Lynann Lorenz
  • Barbara and Wayne Ritenour with Tosca & Daisy
  • Roseann Rokosz, Dean Iaiennaro, & son with Cedric


It was such a fun day with so much interest to our booth. I couldn’t say “Kooikerhondje” enough. I have to say Elf (Ella) was so adorable, she’s 10 months old from the Netherlands and lives in Canada. Cedric from Hartford, Connecticut, was so calm and handsome. Daisy just loved pummeling Escher. I-Ron and Tosca took the day in stride. Suusje was a big hit. Holly loved just hanging out.


Whew !!! It was all worth the effort. Working with so many new members, all of whom wanted to represent the club and the Kooikers, was just fantastic. It makes all the years, and hours, and months worth it all. Thanks to everyone.