Kooikerhondjes are invited: April 6 match and obedience show in Reading, Pennsylvania

Kooikerhondjes are welcome.

BCKC logoThe Berks County Kennel Club is holding an AKC-sanctioned Match & Obedience Show on Sunday, April 6 at the Reading, Pennsylvania, 4H building.

This is the first time FSS breeds* are welcome at the show.

Let’s make a statement by getting as many kooikerhondjes to participate as we can. This is a fun match and will be good experience and practice leading up to our annual specialty. Let’s show the AKC this wonderful breed.

KCUSA’s own Sally Birgl will be there with her kooiker, Suusje.

For more information about this show see the BCKC Match Flyer. If you plan on attending contact Sally or Lynann.

* FSS, or Foundation Stock Service, is an AKC category for breeds still becoming established in the United States. Kooikerhondjes are currently in the FSS category.