KCUSA Booth Wins 1st Prize at Seattle Kennel Club Meet the Breeds

Booth first prizeKCUSA hosted a booth at the Meet the Breeds held at the 136th and 137th Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show on March 8 and 9, 2014. The 8 kooikerhondjes and 10 kooiker fanciers who populated the KCUSA booth were rewarded for their efforts, when the organizers awarded the First Prize to the KCUSA booth for its striking design and high educational value.  The booth featured a spinning windmill, a mock-up of the entrance to an eendenkooi, flying ducks, an abundance of tulips, and informational hand-outs.

The second-day group

The second-day group

The dogs ranged in age from a few months to more than 9 years, and came from several cities in Washington State, with one coming from Canada. KCUSA President Jac Knoop came from Illinois.

Kooikers Braam, Franklin, Franny, Oliver, Rio, Squirt, Walter and Yanni greeted the public, playing with one another and with visitors to the booth. Kooiker lovers Gerald Eysaman, Sherry and Robert Grenley, Jac Knoop, Eva Perara, Randy Simmons, Julie Voetberg, and Gretchen Wetzel answered familiar inquiries—how to say “kooikerhondje,” how long kooikers live, how much exercise they need, and what they are like as family members and in competition.