New Logo Unveiled

New club logo

New club logo

Thirty to forty club members were well into the opening event of the annual specialty, a “meet and sniff” evening with their dogs. We had piled plates with food and filled our cups when the voice of Stan van Hemert (from Iowa) announced that something exciting was just about to happen. Assisted by Sheryl Fuller (who drove in from Texas), they unfurled a five-foot wide banner. On the banner was the new KCUSA logo.

Featuring the breed’s original home of the Netherlands, the dog stands beside a pond against a background of rushes with a windmill in the distance under ducks in flight. Spring green and sky blue colors emphasize the natural setting.

The banner was then hung on the nearby fence, providing a backdrop for the ongoing festivities. People relaxed long into the evening with soulful music provided by Aaron Bozwell and his band.

—Joyce Maxwell