Canines have their say (with a little human interpretation)

Here are some of the things kooikerhondjes had to say about the annual specialty weekend.

Gibson (Oorbellan Mel): “The best part of the weekend was the treats. I pretended not to pay attention so that Sarah (Krueger), my mom, would give me another one.”

Greta LeDoux: “The weekend was a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious kind of time!”

Remy Whipple: “I had a blast and now I’m all pooped out.”

Primadonna Bean rolled over for some belly scratches while she thought for a minute and then commented: “I’ve had an amazing weekend and loved being here with all the other kooikerhondjes and their humans.” Primadonna also has reason to brag as she came away with several best of breed and group awards. She also took the reserve winner’s bitch award.

Jacey Tervelt is a well-known agility girl. By Sunday morning, was simply content to sleep in her crate but woke up long enough to say: “I’d rather be doing agility.”

Chester Crockett met his brother whose name is also Chester (Martinez), who traveled up from Florida: “I got to see my brother, Chester.” After a moment’s thought, he added: “I’ve been practicing my manners and I behaved wonderfully this year.”

Chester from Miami said he was super excited to see everybody: “I’m a very good dog and didn’t growl at anyone. I was a little surprised at how feisty some of the female kooikers can be.”

Elsie Maxwell (hearing Chester’s comment): “Yes, just call me Ginger Spice.”

Elf did not offer a comment on the weekend, but was full of wags and licks. She was obviously happy that she had traveled all the way from Ontario, and especially delighted to get three firsts and a second in the 9-12 month bitch category.

Meisje Watling was one of the youngest participants and said with youthful puppyish enthusiasm: “We be fierce. Watch for us next year!” To which we say, “You go, Girl!”