The annual specialty happened!

Yesterday was so full that I wore out my paws clicking around the Purina Farms event center being sociable with the more than 40 other kooikerhondjes that were there and was too tired out to write about it. We had our annual specialty—the third show happening at the Purina Farms hall and it lasted all day. (Some of my kooiker friends entered every show.) In our specialty, every dog, from the youngest of the puppies, had the opportunity to sweep around the ring and stand for our judge, Carol Brown. She did a fantastic job, paying attention to each dog in turn. When they called the veterans, I was the only one in the ring—apparently at 12 ½ years old, I’m the oldest canine here. Judge Brown asked the crowd for a round of applause and I held my head high as I trotted around the ring.

The placements and awards came so thick and fast, I quickly lost track. I’m sure it will all be in the next newsletter, and you can read all about it there. I can say that Danny (call name, Link) took Best of Breed out of the 12-18 month puppy class and then went on to take third place in the group. And then he won best of breed and took home the Perpetual Trophy donated by Ravenswood kennels. (The first winner of that trophy was Wicky, whose owner is Lucinda Knoop).

I’ll type up another post after these tired paws rest up a little.

–Elsie Maxwell