January 2015, California

January 24, Daly City, California
All Miscellaneous and FSS Breed Benched Open Show

cow palaceKCUSA is pleased to announce that the premium list for this Open Show at the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA, is now available online. It will be held in conjunction with the Golden Gate Kennel Club Benched All Breed Show.
While KCUSA is not offering Obedience or Rally as part of the Open Show, those activities are available through the Golden Gate Kennel Club All Breed Show and everyone who wishes to enter their rare breed dogs in those competitions can do so.
This Open Show is being held concurrent with the All Breed Show, not afterwards. Misc breeds may enter the Open Show and Misc Classes both days. FSS Breeds may enter the Open Show on Saturday the 24th and then enter for exhibit only on Sunday the 25th. This is a great opportunity to meet hundreds of spectators and answer questions at one of the West Coast’s premier dog show venues.
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