January 24: A Historic Weekend in the Kooiker-verse

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The Kooikerhondje Club of the USA was out in full force this past weekend with two events taking place, one being on the East Coast where a late evening/early morning storm passed through dumping up to 8 inches of snow. Not even this inclement weather could stop the Kooikerhondjes and their humans from converging on Allentown, Pennsylvania, where the 38th Annual Canine Learning Experience was held by the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club.

With eight Kooikerhondjes and 13 club members in attendance, the KCUSA’s largest booth to-date was well serviced throughout the course of the day. The public was fascinated with the 30-foot booth, which featured numerous tulips, banners, and even a model eendenkooi. There was an equal number of puzzled looks from spectators who were busy trying to pronounce the name and those that could not resist the Kooikerhondjes’ youthful appearance. The history of the breed was versed many times throughout the event as was the name, which elicited many stunned reactions for never having heard it before.

Four of the 8 Kooikerhondjes present were American born, so the public got a good representation of variations within the breed. The club members enjoyed seeing old friends and getting acquainted with new ones, while the Kooikerhondjes were excited to get extra attention from anyone willing to give a pat on the head or back. In the early afternoon, a few Kooikerhondjes participated in the “Parade of Breeds” which gave the public another opportunity to see how this breed presents itself. As the day wore on, the Kooikerhondjes fought back against their exhaustion and it was time to say farewell, so the booth deconstruction was aided by many club members and another great Kooikerhondje gathering for KCUSA was logged in the history books. Thanks to everyone who made this such a great experience.

—Lynann Lorenz, board member

It was a great weekend at the Golden Gate Dog Show in San Francisco. KCUSA did host the AKC benched open show which was open to all miscellaneous and FCC breeds.

Congratulations to Sara Linder and Rabouz Baltazar “Texas,” who won not only Best of Breed but also Best of Group, and also congratulations to all the Kooikerhondjes that were shown.
Thank you for participating and thanks to everyone who answered questions all day long to many hundreds of visitors that were interested in our beautiful breed.

Kooikers by name (young to old): Zane, Pippa, Vinnie, Mila, Bree, Clanci, Primadonna, Piek, Texas, and Toni

—Susanne Martin

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