2015 Annual Show Trophies

limerick-clipart-trophy_goldenSponsor a Trophy
For the upcoming show in Houston, we are accepting sponsored trophies:
$35 Miscellaneous Group One
$35 FSS Group One
** Please note that each of the classes below will need three sponsors, one each for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday supported-entry shows **
$25 4­–6 Month Puppy Dog
$25 6–9 Month Dog
$25 9–12 Month Dog
$25 Open Dog
$25 4–6 Month Puppy Bitch
$25 6-9 Month Bitch
$25 9-12 Month Bitch
$25 Open Bitch
$35 Best Opposite Sex (only 2 needed, for Saturday and Sunday shows)
$25 Open Junior
$25 Novice Junior
$25 Master Junior

Please let me know if you can sponsor one or more trophies.

Send the payment to KCUSA P.O. Box 57, Ogden, IL 61859. Makes checks payable to KCUSA and note which trophy the payment is for.

Thank you in advance,
Dee Nichols
RedGold Kooikers
Grady, Alabama