Sheryl Fuller

Sheryl Fuller

I have been active in the sport of AKC dogs for 33 years.


  • AKC Breeder of Merit
  • 15 AKC Champions, several owner handled to Group placements and one to 2 International Best in Shows
  • 50 + AKC performance and field titles

Current member of:

  • 2 National Breed Clubs – KCUSA and the Verening Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (VHNK)
  • 1 Regional Breed Club (GCESF)

Former member of:

  • 2 National Breed Clubs – Basenji Club of the United States of America (BCOA) and Flat-Coated Retrieve Society of America (FCRSA)
  •  Regional Breed Club – Basenji Club of Greater Houston (BCGH)

Serve as:

  • Judges Education Coordinator, KCUSA-working to develop a program for judges education which will maintain the Kooikerhondje as in the Netherlands.
  • Former Treasurer BCGH

Completed to further my knowledge in raising well-adjusted, happy, and healthy dogs:

  • Managing the Valuable Stud Dog
  • Managing the Valuable Brood Bitch
  • The Top 10 Things Experienced Breeders Can Do to Improve Neonatal Survival
  • The Pink Paw Program-Breast Cancer Awareness for Dogs and Cats
  • 2015 Canine Breeder Excellence Seminar at UC Davis
  • VHNK International Symposium on Health and Breeding
  • Canine Theriogenology for Dog Enthusiasts
  • Animal Behavior and Welfare
  • Canine Population Genetics
  • Many seminars on field, agility, and obedience training.

I had the pleasure of acquiring my first Kooikerhondje in 2009. I currently compete with my Kooikerhondjes in Conformation, Fly Ball, Rally and Agility. Kooikerhondjes have become my passion. I am enamored with the expressive eyes of the Kooikerhondje. I love the contrast of the red and white markings with the black earrings and pigment surrounding the eyes. Their size and willingness to work make the Kooikerhondje the ideal breed for me.

Sheryl Fuller