2015 Fall Frolics

leaf 33Frolic

  • a merrymaking or party
  • to gambol merrily; to play in a frisky, light-spirited manner; romp

Fall Frolic

  • a light-spirited merrymaking of Kooikerhondjes and their owners, occurring during the autumn months

groupSeptember 19, Pacific Northwest Frolic, Seattle Karen P. and Meisje hosted: “I counted 19 peeps and 11 Kooikers. We had 4 honorary K’s . . . so much fun and everyone had a great time! There were some exhausted pups at the end of the day!”

October 3, Midwest Frolic, northeastern Missouri (La Grange, Wakonda State Park)
Marilyn, Brian, and Kooikerhondjes Greta and Margo hosted.

Penna group photoOctober 3, Pennsylvania Frolic, East Berlin/Lake Meade
Barbara, Wayne, and Kooikerhondjes Tosca, Daisy, and Duncan hosted: “Thanks to everyone for coming and making last Saturday a fun and yummy time. Special thank you to all the special Kooiker clowns.”

New York State Frolic, October 10, Ancram
Sheri and Philip and kooiker Escher hosted: “We had a lovely time yesterday meeting everyone.  I’m so glad you were able to come.”

North Carolina Frolic, October 10, Weaverville
Janet and Steve and kooiker Max hosted

Sara and Texas in the park

Host Sara and family

California, October 17, Pleasanton/Dublin

I am helping with the Fall Frolic in California. Our plan was to be at the same place as last year but it was completely booked so … Our new plan is to have it in conjunction with the conformation and agility show in Pleasanton. I also think there will be a judges education workshop for those interested.

I think we’ll all meet at Alamo Creek Park in Dublin (15 min. from the show) and then take a hike and end up at my house for a BBQ in the evening (if a lot of people participate, the park has a bigger BBQ place we can use). I can’t say an exact time yet since the show schedule is not out but people can mail me if interested and I will mail out a schedule when we have everything in place.

—Sara and kooiker Texas, Deborah and kooiker Primadonna

Florida Frolic: October 17, Homestead

South Florida forest and dog stewards Barbara, Terry, and their pack of Kooikerhondjes Hsiao Gou, Puppy, and Woller will host a gathering in an agility field and then head to their farmland forest for more fun and relaxation. There is a pool and a pond. Preparedness involves ice and ice coolers, dog food, bowls, water, toys, bathing suits, change of clothes, proper sporting attire and footwear. Shade will be provided but you may also want a resting place in the form of a crate.There will be seating and plenty of blanket space. In typical ghillie fashion, be prepared for an expedition! Please pack lunches on your own and snacks. No children under 12. We will try to make this truly an fun and educational experience for sharing and look forward to making it a success we can continue over the years to come.Your dogs will love you!

—Barbara and Terry and kooikers Hsiao Gou, Puppy, and Woller

New York City Fall Frolic, October 24, Upper West Side, 12–6 pm (sunset)
NYC Kooiker Fall Frolic Invitation
New Amsterdam Kooikers will meet for a day of city fun, starting with a walk around iconic Central Park and finishing on a rooftop terrace overlooking the city. We’ll have a piñata, dog tricks, agility equipment, and the option of Halloween costumes. Bring food and drink to share and a new unwrapped dog toy. If you live outside Manhattan, don’t be daunted: there are nearby parking garages, or you can take the Metro North train into Grand Central and cab from there.
Starting point: the Pinetum (enter from West 85th St – directions upon request)
Finish: Gabriel Byrne’s pad, West 86th St (between Central Park West and Columbus)
RSVP: Priscilla, (415) 203-8758, earth2pris@yahoo.com


Massachusetts: Lesley, Karen, and Nathan, and Kooikerhondjes Darby, Rosie, and Dunkie Dragon are hosting.

Contact: vanderpoelarts@yahoo.com,arenldean@yahoo.com


Hosts Wanted

Do you love tail-wagging action and live near a cluster of kooikerhondjes? Well, why not consider hosting? You’ll get the opportunity to give club members and their dogs a good time. Contact the Fall Frolics organizer, Lynann, to offer to host an event.

—Lynann, Fall Frolics organizer
xcallstar4@yahoo.com, 607 625 5206