Annual Dinner and Events, July 22, 2016

Annual Dinner and Events
July 22, 2016

puppy pirateArr, Mateys! Join us in Pirates Country
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Judges’ Education (9 to 11am)
Our hands-on judges’ education seminar familiarizes judges on how to evaluate Kooikerhondjes. It is open to others who are interested as well. We will need some dogs (with their owners) to participate. Contact Sally ( or (610) 756-3576) if we can use your dog to demonstrate the traits of Kooikerhondjes.

Handling Class (starts at 1pm)
Do you have reservations about trying something new? Afraid you’ll fall flat? Don’t want to be left out? You can try your hand in the ring without consequences. Sally will give you a quick lesson on ring procedure, ring patterns, give you a chance or two to put your dog on the table and go over your dog. Take the lesson just before the match and enter the match. It can be fun and a great experience for you and your dog.

AKC Sanctioned Match Show (starts at 2pm)
Kooikerhondje Only
Judge: Betty Wathne
Classes Offered
Puppies: 3 – 6 months, 6 – 9 months, 9 – 12 months
Adults: Open, American Bred
All classes offered are for dogs and bitches. There will be a Best Puppy In Match and Best Adult In Match. Please fill out a >> blank AKC entry form for each dog you wish to enter (send completed form to Barb Ritenour, 12104 Woodsboro Pike, Keymar, MD 21757).

Tops in Greensburg” (starts at 4:15pm)
All Kooikerhondjes are eligible to enter this exciting competition. It will be run along the same lines as a competition other clubs know as Top 20 – but every Kooikerhondje is invited to compete.
All owners will be required to gather outside the dining room by 4:15pm. At that time, numbers will be drawn to determine the order in which the dogs will be judged. Each dog will enter the dining room in order, move down and back and stack on the grooming table. Three judges will then evaluate the dog and mark their tabulation sheet comparing the individual dog to the standard. This process will continue until all dogs have been evaluated. The dogs will then move out of the room and dinner will proceed.
During dinner, the sheets will be tabulated for each dog. The dog with the highest number of points will be Tops In Greensburg and presented with a prize. After dinner, the dogs will be brought back into the room, the honoree will be named and the prize will be presented.

This raffle will be a bit unusual. Hold onto your hats and get your arm(s) ready! All donations will be on display for you to look at and drool over before Tops in Greensburg and dinner. Please don’t drool on the merchandise! Tickets will be sold until the numbers start being pulled; the stubs will be placed in a big jar. Each item will be selected randomly. Our wonderful auctioneer and/or assistant will dazzle you with the display of each item. A ticket will be drawn for each prize and the lucky person (or dog) gets the prize. It is not a Chinese auction, but it has lots of action and fun as the prize is random. Donations can be anything.

A Special Guest will be attending dinner with KCUSA, author of the Kooikerhondje Standard, Diana Striegel! Fill out and send in your Annual Meeting advance registration form to let us know you’ll join us.

Written Evaluations
Getting a written evaluation of your Kooikerhondje will be possible. Please contact the organizers so they can schedule you in.

Make your hotel bookings now
A block of rooms has been reserved at the Ramada: just tell them you are with KCUSA / the Kooikerhondje Club
Ramada Greensburg Hotel and Conference Center
100 Ramada Inn Drive
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 836-6060

Another nearby hotel that accepts pets:
The Inn at Mountain View
300 Scenery Lane
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 691-0570

Contact Lucinda Paganin at or (217) 582-2288 or Sally Birgl at or (610) 756-3576.