3rd Annual Fall Frolics

Fall LeavesDuring fall 2016, KCUSA is once again holding Frolics* across the country.

* Social gatherings where kooikers and  owners can get acquainted with other kooiker enthusiasts in their region. Great opportunities for anyone interested in learning more about the breed or just reuniting with old friends.

For the past two years hosts have organized these events in many states throughout the USA. Some past frolics have included picnics, kayaking, hiking, walks through a park and frolicking on the beach. Former locations have been state parks, homes, dog parks and beaches. If you are interested in hosting an event this year please get in contact with a coordinator below.

Eastern Fall Frolic Coordinator: Lynann (XCAllstar4@yahoo.com)
Western Fall Frolic Coordinator: Karen (pawsitive-approach@hotmail.com)

September 17, Washington State, host Karen WP
October 1, Michigan, hosts Marsha & Mark H
October 1, Ohio, Saturday, host Alison S
October 8, California, host Bill N
October 9, Maryland, hosts Barbara and Wayne R 

October 15, New York State, hosts Sheri and Phil DJ Sheri and Phil are holding the second annual Ancram Frolic. Ancram is in the beautiful Hudson Valley area, and only two hours from New York City, three from Boston, three and a half from Philadelphia, six from Ottawa, and only seven from Pittsburgh.

—Sheri (sdejan@corgiconsulting.com)

October 22, New York City, host Priscilla E Calling all Kooikers! Fall Frolic 2016. The New Amsterdam Chapter of the KCUSA invites you to Central Park and the Upper West Side, New York City Saturday, October 22 (rain date Sunday, October 23).

  • 12–3 pm: the Pinetum, Central Park. 3–4 pm: after-party on Gabriel’s terrace.
  • What to bring: Food (main dish, salad, side dish, or dessert), and a new unwrapped dog toy. RSVP by October 18 to Priscilla.

—Priscilla (earth2pris@yahoo.com) (415 203 8758)

November 3, Missouri, hosts Marilyn and Brian LD. Hello Kooikerhondje owners and lovers! We would like to invite you, especially those in the midwestern states, to bring yourself and your furry four-legged family members to a Midwestern Vrolijke Fall Frolic in Labadie, Missouri! Marilyn has offered her beautiful fenced yard for Kooikers to play! Guests are invited to start arriving at 2 pm and there will be a potluck style dinner beginning at 5 pm. Grilled meats will be supplied. Please bring any side dishes and/or refreshments.

Interested? Please contact Lucinda Paganin for more information, including directions, at Lucinda@amsincorporated.net. We look forward to seeing you there!

Dates TBD

Massachusetts Two club members are considering putting together a Bay State Frolic. Encourage them if you’d like to join: Karen (karenldean@yahoo.com) and Lesley(vanderpoelarts@yahoo.com).

Iowa, hosts Kara & Matt M Get in touch with Kara and Matt (mmins@hotmail.com) to join this event.

Southern Florida, host Barbara G Let Barbara (barbara@pineridgeorchids.com) know if you’d like to join this event.

If you would like to see a frolic in your area, contact one of our coordinators.