Kooiker Chronicle Vol 12, July 2014

Kooiker Chronicle Vol 12 July 2014

by President Jac Knoop
2014 Specialty: Kooikers Claim the Crest at Gray Summit | The Specialty Weekend | Who Was There? | Ring Events and Results | Versatility Awards
2014 Annual Meeting
2014 Specialty: “I Must Have this Dog”
Member Profiles: Deborah Bean
Wags and Brags: I-Ron Wins More Ribbons and Goes on World Tour
Upcoming Events: NYC Meet the Breeds Moving to Westminster Weekend 2015 | RDOD: Responsible Dog Ownership Day, September 2014| How About Some Kooikerklatsches?
Announcements: Northeast / New England Kooikerklatsche | 2015 Kooiker Calendar | Facebook: What’s Not to Like | New Membership Rates
Hondje Humor: Beetle Bailey | If the World Cup Was Played by Dog Breeds