Kooiker Chronicle Vol 13, September 2014

Kooiker Chronicle Vol 13 September 2014

Coming Up!: Fall Frolics | California Kooiker Fall Frolic September 6–7, 2014
Paws Across the Water: A Little Dutch Kooikerhondje History | Impressions of Kooiker Camp 2014 | World Dog Show 2014 Report from “Team Kooiker”
Your Board at Work: Judges Education Committee Appointed | Judges Education Committee Bios | Health and Genetics Committee Appointed | Health and Genetics Committee Bios
Coming Up!: Where We’ll Be this Year: Shows and Meet The Breed events
Your Board at Work: Donations to KCUSA Are Now Tax Exempt
On the Road to AKC Recognition: AKC Moves Kooikers into the Miscellaneous Class
Your Board at Work: KCUSA Board Meeting Minutes, August 5, 2014
Show Time: Agility Q&A: AKC Agility Invitational
Member Profile: Go West, Little Girl!
Hondje Humor