Kooiker Chronicle Vol 14, October 2014

Kooiker Chronicle Vol 14 October 2014

Perspectives on Spaying and Neutering
The Consequences of Sterilization
Looking at the Research
Preserving the Gene Pool
Carefully Working towards Goals
It’s a Small World
Effects on Behavior
Careful Use of Contracts
Responsibilities of Owning an Intact Animal
Coming Up
Call for Entries: KCUSA Benched FSS Open Show Conformation Event in January
Meet the Breeds on Valentines Day in the Big Apple
KCUSA Delegates to Attend the Dutch Kooikerhondje Club Match and Symposium
Fall Frolics
Kooiker Kaboodle in the Pacific Northwest
Merrymaking in Maryland
A Lark in the Park in Illinois
Making New Friends in New York
More than a Few in Massachusetts
Worth the Trip in North Carolina
Wags and Brags