Kooiker Chronicle Vol 16.7 November 2015

Kooiker Chronicle Vol 16.7 November 2015 large
Kooiker Chronicle Vol 16.7 November 2015 small

Letter from the President
Breed Standard
Breed Standard of the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje
Kooikerhondjes in Competition
Grooming the Natural Beauty in Your Kooikerhondje
Coming Up!
Club Membership
New Members
Pup Profiles
Ball Girl Kessel
Fun Stuff to Do with Your Dog
Alison Studer and Kip Earn First Kooikerhondje Tracking Dog Title
Training a Tracking Dog
Fall Frolics
Five Kooikers and  Humans Frolic in Missouri
Pennsylvania: The Power of Floof Holds the Storm at Bay
Washington Frolic: A Kooiker Kworum
Manhattan: Kooikerhondjes Stake Their Claim in Central Park
California: Kooikers Go Out and Play
Northeast Kooikers Frolic in the Hudson Valley
Kooikerhondjes Take to the Hills of North Carolina
Frolics that Weren’t
Kooiker Kudos
In Remembrance
On the Road to AKC Recognition
Certificates of Merit