Kooiker Chronicle Vol 9, December 2013

Kooiker Chronicle Vol 9 December 2013

Editor’s Welcome
Features: In Memoriam, Greta “MoMo” Kooiker by Ann Knoop | The Tale of Two Gretas by Marilyn LeDoux
Members Stories: New Members in 2013 | Texas Linder: Texas (Kooiker) and Sara Linder Make an Agile Move from Sweden to California | Wilson Layman: Wilson Layman, Not-so-Salty Dog of Nantucket | Leeloo Wagner: Is it a Fox? A Rabbit? A Cat? It’s Leeloo Wagner! | Truman and Jackson Begin: Bob’s Boys—Jackson the Heart Dog and Truman the Rescuer
Event Reports: Kooikerhondjes Go to Madison (Wisconsin) | Orlando: KCUSA Booth Takes Second Prize | Impressions of Orlando by Rod Beckstead | Orlando: Kooikers Showcased Versatility by Ann Knoop | Orlando: Blaze Kooiker Soaked in the Love | Survey Results: What KCUSA Members Want in a Specialty Event
Notices: Logo Contest: “Show Me a Kooiker” at the 2014 KCUSA Specialty!!
Hondje Humor