Kooiker Chronicle Vol. 18.4 (November 2017)

Kooiker Chronicle 18.4_November


Kooikerhondjes Debut at the National Dog Show

Fall Frolics 

  • Good Food, Good Company, and Happy Dogs in Maryland  
  • Nine Kooikers Frolic under the Florida Sun  
  • Kooiker Wandeling Brings More Color to  Kubota Gardens 
  • Kooiker Fun and Games in Northern California 
  • Kooikers Go Up the Mountain in Massachusetts 

The Kooikers Are Coming! The Kooikers Are Coming!  … to Louisville! 

  • Help Make History 
  • Be a Star for Our Stars 
  • Calling All Shoppers!! 

In Memoriam:  Rosewood’s Duncan  

Family Reunions! 

Breeding Committee Report 

Committee Updates 

Call for Kooiker Kalendar Pictures 

PowerScores for  Q  3

  • What is the Breed Power ? 
  • What is a PowerScore? 
  • Who is Ranked? 


Mark Your Calendars 

KCUSA Versatility Awards 

  • Awards Applications 

AKC-Awarded Titles 

Decoy Digest Winter 2004

Decoy Digest Winter 2004

What’s Been Happening?
Get to Know Our Members
Everywhere a Taga’s . . . by Ellen Froot
Why Not to Be a Breeder: A Humorous Reflection on the Breeding History of Rosewood Kennels, by Rose Shenk
Concerning the Register van Kooikerhondje, by Rose Shenk
The Training Corner . . .
Skylar Earns His First Agility Titles
In Memory . . .

The Kooiker Chronicle Vol 3, July 2011

Kooiker Chronicle Vol 3 July 2011

From the President, Rod Beckstead
New yahoo group for club members only
Conversation with AKC FSS, by Linda Culpepper
Nominees for the Board of Directors 2011/2012
Bios of Nominees for the Board of Directors
My Trip to the Netherlands, by Amy Williams
Raising a Kooiker in the City, by Robert Spencer
Member Profiles: Ivan, Topi and Sue Chirco | Laura Young and Benvolio
Editor’s Corner
Membership List