Achievement and Versatility Awards from KCUSA

To recognize our members’ achievements in events with their Kooikerhondjes and to encourage others to participate, we initiated the Versatility Award. This showcases the variety of activities that put Kooikers’ intelligence and athleticism to a test.

2017 Awards Applications

The year is nearing its end, the holidays are quickly approaching and it’s time to submit your information for the KCUSA Annual Versatility Awards. Attached are the KCUSA Versatility Award 2017 Instructions and Application and 2017 Versatility Title Worksheet. Please make sure to send in your application by the deadline of January 15th. You can send them by email or snail mail to Jennifer Methlie. If you have questions, contact Marsha Hall. Don’t be left out: get your application in soon.

2016 Awardees


2016 Silver award winner Elaine Chan-Whitlow (dog: Moo Moo Pie)


2016 Bronze award winners Elsje MacDonald and Yorick

Click here >> 2016 Versatility Awards to see winners for 2016. The events recognized are listed in the Versatility Workbook 2016.

2014 Achievement and Versatility Awards Gallery


Q My dog’s been competing for several years, do I only receive credit for this past year’s title?
The award is based on the cumulative point totals for ALL the titles earned by a dog but we will only recognize each new level once a year. So for this, our first year, please submit ALL your dog’s title information.
Q My dog has a title not listed in the worksheet, can I still get some credit?
We’ve tried to include the major events available across the country by the UKC and AKC. As new or other events become available for our Kooikers, we will amend the award points. For this year, we’ll use the events and titles listed but please submit suggestions so we can review for next year.
Q I just started and haven’t earned enough for the Bronze level, should I still submit my info?
We’d love to know who’s participating in what so that we can better serve our members. If you submit what you have now, it will simply be stored in anticipation of a great year next year. Next year you only have to submit the new titles and everything will be totaled for a potential award then.
Q I don’t have my old title certificates. Am I out of luck?
“My AKC” login (free to register) can show what titles a dog has earned. Send the screen shot showing the number of qualifying legs – you may need to send several screen shots as the list may scroll. The UKC offers a points check where they will return an email with the information.
Q My dog passed his/her Canine Good Citizen but I didn’t pay to have the AKC officially title it. Does it still count?
Congratulations! Just include the information in the worksheet with the location and approximate date of the test.
Q When is the award application due?
All titles earned up to April 30 should be included but be submit the application and worksheet by May 8 so we can recognize your achievements at the Specialty.
Q What if my dog’s new title certificate with his/her latest title isn’t available by the deadline?
Please provide the information on the show and title and we’ll verify when you get it.
Q What if I have more questions?
Contact Jennifer Methlie ( with any questions about your application information.