Report Your Puppy Litter

January 2018

Dear Breeders,

As we all know, the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is a Dutch breed. The Dutch Kooikerhondje breed club, the Vereniging het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (VHNK), maintains a worldwide record of every dog reported as well as health and genetic information on these dogs. They have created the attached Litter Report Form and have asked breeders to fill out this form with their litter information and include specific photographs of the pups. We are sending this to you in hopes that you will participate in our combined efforts to keep the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje breed healthy and sound.

The Vereniging Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (VHNK) has specifically tasked the KCUSA Breeding Committee to distribute the Litter Report Form to all breeders in North America and to help them to collect and report this information.

The KCUSA Breeding Committee is willing to assist you with your litter evaluation if possible. You can send a request per e-mail to  Otherwise, you may fill the form out yourself. Ideally, complete your evaluations when the litter is 8 weeks old. The breeding committee will keep a copy for our records and forward a copy to the VHNK.

Please write out the date of birth to prevent any confusion between the US and European dates (for example: Jan 1, 2018).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the breeding committee at

Thank you for your cooperation,

KCUSA Breeding Committee