ZooEasy and the Dutch Kooikerhondje Registry


Dear Kooikerhondje Breeders and Owners,

The Dutch Kooikerhondje Registry and ZooEasy are two very important tools available for your use.

Dutch Kooikerhondje RegistryThe DUTCH KOOIKERHONDJE REGISTRY is available in a thick binder or PDF download. This register has tracked registered litters and compiled substantial information such as health tests, personality, and phenotype since the 1940s.

zooeasyZOOEASY is a relatively new program, available as an online database. Although more information is being added on a regular basis, it does not include information as far back as the Club Registry. This program is capable of creating pedigrees and calculating the inbreeding coefficient of trial breedings. Zoo Easy is being updated regularly to include more and more of the information that can be found in the Club Registry. It has the capability of recording substantial information on each dog such as health tests, personality, and phenotype.

Both versions are available, for a fee, from the Dutch Kooikerhondje club and can be found at www.kooikerhondje.nl/en/winkeltje.

Every breeder is encouraged to get access to both tools so that they can research their dogs’ ancestors and the ancestors’ direct relatives. If you have questions regarding these tools, please feel free to contact us.

Two women from the Dutch Kooikerhondje Club are working together to input all submitted data into these registries. It is a huge undertaking and responsibility. They have requested the information come from a limited number of sources. To that end, Susanne Martin and Lucinda Paganin were asked to collect available information from the United States and report it to the Dutch Club.

The data sent in is not allowed to be altered, and it must be submitted in a specific format. Please use the form provided (ZooEasy/Dutch Registry form) to submit your information—or at least provide your information in the same order as the form.

The Dutch Kooikerhondje Registry and ZooEasy are updated twice a year. Please send in your litter and individual health information to either Lucinda or Susanne and they will be pleased to send the information in for you. There is no deadline. We make no distinction between members and non-members, so please share this with non-members. All information will be included as soon as possible after it is received.

With such a small gene pool, every piece of information on litters and individual dogs is valuable. Let’s help to keep this lively little orange and white breed healthy and continue to build on the current gene pool.

We are looking forward to working with all of you,

Susanne Martin (susannepkmartin@gmail.com) and
Lucinda Paganin (lucinda@amsincorporated.net)