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JUNE 26 weekend: Judges Education Seminar and Workshop at Michigan Sporting Dog show
April 2: 
KCUSA-hosted show and annual show, Concord, North Carolina (Speedway Classic), Combination Judges’ and Breeders’ Education Seminar and Workshop
March 12: Seattle Kennel Club Meet the Breeds, Seattle, Washington
February 13: Westminster and AKC-hosted Meet The Breeds in New York City
January 30: KCUSA-hosted show, San Francisco, California (Golden Gate)


December 11: KCUSA’S All FSS and Misc Breed Open Show in Orlando, Florida. KCUSA sponsored an All FSS and Misc Breed Open Show on December 11, 2015, in conjunction with the AKC Eukanuba National Championship at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center.
February 14: Westminster–What a Weekend
January 25: A Historic Weekend in the Kooiker-verse
December 13-14: Orlando Eukanuba Championship and Meet-the-Breeds Event

2014 Specialty: What a Weekend It Was!
2014 Specialty : Heading home again
2014 Specialty: Annual BBQ
2014 Specialty, first evening meet and sniff
2014 Specialty: All about puppies
Photo gallery: 2014 Specialty

KCUSA Booth Wins 1st Prize at Seattle Kennel Club Meet the Breeds

Booth first prizeKCUSA hosted a booth at the Meet the Breeds held at the 136th and 137th Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show on March 8 and 9, 2014. The 8 kooikerhondjes and 10 kooiker fanciers who populated the KCUSA booth were rewarded for their efforts, when the organizers awarded the First Prize to the KCUSA booth for its striking design and high educational value.  The booth featured a spinning windmill, a mock-up of the entrance to an eendenkooi, flying ducks, an abundance of tulips, and informational hand-outs.

The second-day group

The second-day group

The dogs ranged in age from a few months to more than 9 years, and came from several cities in Washington State, with one coming from Canada. KCUSA President Jac Knoop came from Illinois.

Kooikers Braam, Franklin, Franny, Oliver, Rio, Squirt, Walter and Yanni greeted the public, playing with one another and with visitors to the booth. Kooiker lovers Gerald Eysaman, Sherry and Robert Grenley, Jac Knoop, Eva Perara, Randy Simmons, Julie Voetberg, and Gretchen Wetzel answered familiar inquiries—how to say “kooikerhondje,” how long kooikers live, how much exercise they need, and what they are like as family members and in competition.


Eight Kooiker Ambassadors in Allentown

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Eight kooikerhondjes & 15 kooiker humans attended the Allentown Canine Learning Experience January 25. With six of them being puppies, we always had some kind of excitement at the booth.

Many thanks to everyone who made it such a successful weekend:

  • Sue Allard & husband with Elf
  • Ed & Mary Andrews with Holly
  • Rod & Marta Beckstead with I-Ron
  • Sally Birgl with Suusje
  • Philip & Sheri DeJan with Escher
  • Lynann Lorenz
  • Barbara and Wayne Ritenour with Tosca & Daisy
  • Roseann Rokosz, Dean Iaiennaro, & son with Cedric


It was such a fun day with so much interest to our booth. I couldn’t say “Kooikerhondje” enough. I have to say Elf (Ella) was so adorable, she’s 10 months old from the Netherlands and lives in Canada. Cedric from Hartford, Connecticut, was so calm and handsome. Daisy just loved pummeling Escher. I-Ron and Tosca took the day in stride. Suusje was a big hit. Holly loved just hanging out.


Whew !!! It was all worth the effort. Working with so many new members, all of whom wanted to represent the club and the Kooikers, was just fantastic. It makes all the years, and hours, and months worth it all. Thanks to everyone.


Badger Kennel Club’s 25th Annual Wisconsin Dog Fair—the Kooikerhondjes Were There

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On Sunday, November 3, several members of KCUSA participated in the Badger Kennel Club’s 25th Annual Wisconsin Dog Fair.  The Dog Fair is a one day educational event during which demonstrations, seminars, and AKC Meet the Breeds programs are offered to the public.

The Badger Kennel Club offered KCUSA a spot in the Rare Breed section.  Club members Joe and Kathy Kimmeth brought Halle and Josie (Vonlin’s Bronze Stardust and Ambermoon’s Christmas Star); Sarah Krueger brought Duncan and Gibson (Ambermoon’s Roller Soaker and Oorbellen Mel); Jac and Ann Knoop brought Max, Wicky, America, and Ammerstol (Buko, Amazing Wicky Acteraf, Amazing America van den Iserman Hoeve, and Amazing Ammerstol van den Iserman Hoeve).  The dogs took turns as hundreds of people interested in meeting and learning about our rare breed enthusiastically offered pats.

As the dogs received attention, members explained various aspects of the breed, including how to pronounce “Kooikerhondje.”  KCUSA also provided educational materials for the public to take home.  Kathy Kimmeth and Ann Knoop participated in the Breed Parade with Halle and Max.  KCUSA members enjoyed sharing the joy of owning a Kooiker with the people of Madison, Wisconsin and the public loved the Kooiker experience.

—Jac Knoop

Kooikerhondjes Go to Raleigh

Parade photo courtesy of Christine Weisse, AKC RDO Meet the Breeds/Clubs Coordinator
Booth photos courtesy of Ted Salamone

Kooikerhondjes had a rollicking good time in Raleigh, NC, on the weekend of September 21-22 at AKC’s Responsible Dog Owner (RDO) days. Link and Kiss and their responsible owners, Susan and Stephanie, walked in the breed parade and acted as ambassadors for the kooikerhondje breed, as Stephanie reports:

The AKC’s RDO day was held on Saturday at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC. The event was very well organized and attended. There were agility, obedience, rally, flyball and nosework demos as well as Parade of Breeds including one for FSS breeds (purebred breeds working towards AKC registration). Susan Jackson and I were happy to represent KCUSA showing off our new banners and having my puppy Link and Susan’s puppy Kiss there to meet people. The puppies took everything in stride and were petted by men, women, and children and loved every minute. Both pups participated in the FSS parade and Link was used in the Nose Work Demo showing how a dog is started in this new sport.

I was happy at how many AKC employees stopped by to meet our pups and said they had just been waiting to see a Kooiker in person. If anyone has a chance to attend one of the AKC’s Meet the Breed events please do so, it is wonderful socialization for the dogs, and a great way to have the general public learn about this wonderful breed.

—KCUSA member Stephanie Lowe

Fine Times at Kooikermazoo

Cheryl Short K&K

Cheryl Short with Kylan and Kallie at Kooikermazoo

Twenty four kooikerhondjes and nearly 60 of their admirers converged on the Kalamazoo Expo Center on June 14–15, during the UKC Premier Dog Show. The KCUSA annual meeting and Specialty Match took place at the Expo Center campgrounds and in the Expo Center, respectively. Club President Jac Knoop and former President and current AKC liaison, Rod Beckstead, secured adjacent sites at the campgrounds, and parked their mobile homes on the perimeter of the grassy area that came to be known as “Kooikermazoo.”  Two tents sheltered the tables covered with items donated to the silent auction, and a colorful assortment of lawn chairs filled in the grassy area as the weekend proceeded.

On Friday evening, the Becksteads hosted a “Meet and Sniff” at the campground, where people and dogs greeted old friends and made new friends.  Jac invited the very talented and charming Aaron Bozwell and his Country Music Band to perform on Friday evening, and the band returned on Saturday to fill the air with music when it wasn’t filled with rain.

Kooikermazoo, with the U.S. and Dutch flags flapping overhead, mysterious boxes of silent auction goods under the tent, dogs and kids romping to live music, and the enticing scents of BBQ wafting over the campgrounds, sent a clear message that kooikerhondjes and their people sure know how to have fun together. The potluck BBQ was a great success, with delicious contributions that came from as far away as Minnesota, Indiana, and Massachusetts.

The attendees included people who had shared their lives with one or more kooikers for several years, people who were new to the kooikerverse, and people who are considering adopting a kooiker, or awaiting that special puppy who’s not yet ready to join them.

Marilyn LeDoux tallied the votes for the 2013–2014 KCUSA officers and board members, and the results were announced as lunch grilled. Congratulations to re-elected President Jac M Knoop, new Vice President Scott Crockett, new Secretary (and former Vice President) Joyce Y Maxwell, and re-elected Treasurer Linda S Dean. Seven Directors were also elected – their names and positions will be announced in the next Kooiker Chronicle.

As Saturday’s BBQ wound down, and Jac announced the start of the annual KCUSA meeting, the skies opened up, and dogs and humans raced to huddle under the tents and umbrellas to hear Jac’s assessment of the past year and projections for the year ahead.  The U.S. kooiker population and, with it, the club, is growing rapidly. More club events are in the planning stage, and we can confidently look forward to raising the kooikerhondje profile even further.

Shortly after the squall ended, we were called to the ring inside the Expo Center. We heard two informative presentations – Mary Davis of Ogden, Illinois, shared pointers on traveling with dogs and congratulated the assembled kooiker fans on their collective knowledge of good travel protocol. Stan Matsumoto of Oak Forest, Illinois, gave the many inexperienced dog handlers hands-on coaching and experience presenting kooikers and handling them in the conformation ring. He enlisted the help of practiced kooiker handlers from the group to provide individualized attention to each dog and human team.

After the coaching session, a Match was held in two rings. Results of the Match are published in the Membership section of the KCUSA Website and will be in the next Kooiker Chronicle.

Congratulations are in order to the KCUSA kooikers who competed and won ribbons in UKC events. The names and accomplishments of these dogs are posted on the KCUSA Website and will appear in the next Kooiker Chronicle.

For the record, here’s a rough “demographic overview” of the 24 kooikerhondjes at Kooikermazoo:  there were 10 females and 14 males; 7 were puppies and 17 were adults. They were born in 6 different countries (Denmark, Finland, Hungary, The Nederlands, Switzerland, and the U.S.) and live in 14 different states (Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin).

And every single one is a beloved family member and treasured companion.

Winners at the Specialty

If you have a photo to add, email them to us and we’ll post them.

Kooikermazoo Specialty

October 20-21, 2012: AKC Meet The Breed at the Javits Center, NYC

Eight kooikerhondjes and 14 of their devoted human companions represented the kooiker breed at the fourth AKC Meet the Breeds® event at the Javits Center in New York City over the weekend of October 21-22, 2012.

David, Ben, Karen, and Rod with seven kooikers at the big event on Saturday.

According to the AKC, this year’s event brought some 30,000 dog lovers to meet and interact with 160 dog breeds over the two-day period.

Read the complete article by Karen Dean and see more photos in our next newsletter! Join the KCUSA to get the full story.


AKC Misc. and FSS Breeds Open Show Oct 6 & 7, Davidson, MD

The AKC dog show we attended in Davidsonville, Maryland Oct. 6 & 7, 2012 was an AKC Miscellaneous and FSS Breeds Open Show Boerboel ONLY Sanctioned OB/Rally Match.  Rod Beckstead and I (Barbra Ritenour) attended. Rod’s kooiker I-Ron and our newly acquired Tosca, formally owned by Rod, were the only Kooikers at the show. Tosca  received two first place ribbons for the Open Show, October 6 and 7, and two ribbons for Best of Opposite Sex October 6 and 7.
We all had a good time.
Barbra Ritenour, KCUSA Secretary

2012 Annual Meeting

Outgoing KCUSA President Rod Beckstead and his wife Marta hosted the 2012 Annual Meeting and Kooiker Cookout at their home in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Read about the event in the newsletter, available to Members.

Annual Meeting at Allentown, PA

Greenwich Kennel Club Annual Show, June 9, 2012

Learning how to manage the A frame

On June 9, six kooikerhondjes and their humans participated in the Greenwich Kennel Club’s annual show in Norwalk, Connecticut. For fun, several tried out the agility course and, after understanding what was expected of them, took to agility like pros. Later they spent an hour at the meet-the-breeds tent making friends with passersby and other dogs. They met AKC Judge Mrs. Toby Frisch who came by to learn about this little-known breed.

While the rainy day had some owners worrying about their dogs hair-dos, with our dogs’ naturally groomed coats, we were free to let them romp and ramble in the wet weather.

I wanna play, I wanna play, I wanna play!

Most of the dogs spent the evening out on the town of Norwalk the night before at the Burger Bistro, a dog-friendly restaurant. And they went on to a doggie birthday party the day after the event to celebrate the one-year birthday of Rosewood’s Litter D puppies.

Vonlin’s was well-represented at the show, with Rosie and Tucker and also Jackson. Rosewood’s was also there in force with Darby and Dunkie and also Elsie.

KCUSA is grateful to the Greenwich Kennel Club for extending the invitation to introduce kooikerhondjes to the public. We had a blast!


Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows, March 3 & 4

The Kooikerhondje Club of the USA made a great splash at one of the biggest dogs shows in the country! We were invited by the Detroit Kennel Club to be the designated new breed at the Meet the Breed booths at their Benched Dog Shows on March 3 and 4, 2012.

The kennel club thought we did a bang-up job of our booth, and awarded us the Best Decorated Bench ribbon! Many thanks to Club President Rod Beckstead, VP Ann Knoop, Secretary Barbra Ritenour, Karen Dean, Linda Dean, Rose Shenk, and others who brought handouts, decorations, and snacks to make our booth shine.

People entering Cobo Hall for the dog show walked by the new dog breeds before seeing anything else. They passed an informational table explaining Foundation Stock Services and the steps to getting a breed fully recognized by the AKC. Then they walked past the new breed booths, and the Nederlands Kooikerhondje was the first breed they saw! We had a steady stream of visitors over the two day period, and talked to literally thousands of people. Some folks came to the show specifically to meet us and our dogs!


Nine KCUSA club members and at least as many dogs convened in Michigan to participate.


Below are some of the group and our Fun Match judge, Marie Povilitis, enjoying our dogs during set up the evening before the shows.

Conquered by Kooikers!

A note from Club President Rod Beckstead:

We had a fantastic Match Saturday after Best in Show in the huge Best in Show Ring. As we were ready to start, our judge Marie Povilitis appeared in sunglasses and a white cane. It got better from there on as she helped puppies as well as handlers, often from her knees, to make the pups feel more comfortable. So much fun. We only had eight dogs in the match, but everyone showed their hearts out, and took home a placement ribbon. Marie said that having to decide between two excellent individuals for the first place ribbon was the most difficult thing she had ever done! Please see the next newsletter and our website for photos.

It was at the end of a very grueling day with literally thousands of folks visiting the Rare Breeds. We were designated as the featured breed for this year and were given the prime location, right at the end of the benches. We had over 15 feet to decorate and use to show off our “Kooiker What?”’s.

Many thanks to those who drove great distances to join us: Rose Shenk and her family from Virginia;  Ann Knoop from Illinois; Karen Dean and Nathaniel Waxman from New York City, and Karen’s sister Linda, from Maryland; Barbara and Wayne Ritenaur from Maryland; and myself  from Pennsylvania, plus Kevin Helmut and his family who came in from Ann Arbor, MI.  I think each of us had a 9 to 10 hour drive each way (except Kevin). And of course the many Kooikerhondjes that represented the breed so well! They showed the beautiful variety within the breed.

We heard many comments that “they are the cutest breed here” or “we came just to see this breed–thank you for being here.”

To all, a huge Thank you.

Kooikerhondjes Take Detroit

AKC’s Meet the Breeds, Nov. 19-20, 2011

by Karen Dean

It was an amazing day at the Jacob Javits Center on the West side of Manhattan. I can’t tell you how many people came to our table squealing excitedly, “I came here just to meet these dogs!” There’s a huge cohort of people out there who saw the Dogs 101 Kooiker segment and felt that they had to see one and hope to adopt one.

Pierre Revol and Harry were there Saturday morning and DuncanDragon and I arrived around midday, expecting to stay til 2 pm.  Every time I tried to slip out, there would be another swell of people squealing and oohing and aahing. Dunkie was a real trooper — after five hours of hard labor as the Kooiker Emissary, he was still cheerful and chipper as we left the expo hall. Two blocks away from Javits Center, people were coming up to us and asking what kind of dog Dunkie is, and if he’s a kooikerhondje or — “one of those duck dogs that was on Animal Planet.” At one point in the afternoon, a woman with a Leonberger tag came over and we bonded over having had “our” respective dogs in the same episode of Dogs 101.

Several people came to the table and announced that the two kooikers were, without doubt, the cutest most irresistible dogs in the entire hall. (And this was with some pretty stiff competition!)

For a full report of the event check out our upcoming newsletter, available to members.

The Fourth Annual Fun Match on October 8, 2011 was a wild success!

October 8 was a stunning fall day, and the fourth annual Kooikerhondje Fun Match was held in Weyers Cave, Virginia, against a backdrop of rolling hills and farmland in the Shenandoah Valley.

Click on the picture to visit the slide-show of the event on Flickr. Click on “show info” in the upper right corner to read the captions, which identify the dogs and owners.

2011 Fun Match Participants

A full report of the Kooikerhondje Match will be printed in our next newsletter, available to members only.

Dwayne and Pat Martin and AKC judge Carol Noe with Best Puppy, Ammervill’s Rosalind