We Were There

Past events and milestones

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January 1 Nederlandse Kooikerhondjes became eligible to compete in the Sporting Group of AKC.

February 10 New York City. Westminster/AKC Meet the Breeds. Our first MTB as a Sporting Group club. 


December 14 8th and final Open Show, Orlando, Florida
September and October Fall Frolics and Matches
April 15 KCUSA Open Show and Annual Meeting in Perry, Georgia (Peach Blossom Cluster)
April 13 Judges Education Seminar, Perry, Georgia, with Carol Brown and Sheryl Fuller


December 16 Open Show in Orlando, Florida (in conjunction with AKC National Championship)
September-November Fall Frolics
July 23 Judges Education Seminar, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, with Carol Brown
July 22 Annual Meeting, Match in Greensburg, Pennsylvania
June 26 weekend Judges Education Seminar and Workshop at Michigan Sporting Dog show with Deborah Bean
March 31-April 2 
KCUSA-hosted show and annual show in Concord, North Carolina (Speedway Classic), Judges’ and Breeders’ Education Seminar and Workshop
March 12 Seattle Kennel Club Meet the Breeds, Seattle, Washington
February 13 Westminster and AKC-hosted Meet The Breeds in New York City
January 30 KCUSA-hosted show, San Francisco, California (Golden Gate)
January 30 Judges Education Seminar, Golden Gate, California, with Deborah Bean and Carol Brown
January 15 Judges Education Seminar, Seattle, Washington, with Deborah Bean and Susanne Martin


December 11 KCUSA’s All FSS and Misc Breed Open Show in Orlando, Florida (AKC Eukanuba National Championship) 
October 16 Judges Education Seminar, Belton, Texas, with Deborah Bean and Sheryl Fuller
September and October Fall Frolics
July 21 Judges Education Seminar, Fredericksburg, Maryland, with Betty Wathne and Carol Brown
July 16–18 KCUSA “Lone Star Round Up” All Miscellaneous & FSS Breed Open Show (Houston’s World Series of Dog Shows), Annual Meeting, and Judges’ Education with Diana Striegel
July 1 Kooikerhondjes—as a Miscellaneous class breed—become eligible to show in AKC-sponsored events. On July 1 in Massachusetts, Amazing Garja Achteraf “Piper” is the first Kooiker in the Miscellaneous ring.
April 3–5 AKC Sunflower Cluster: Seven Kooikerhondjes competed
February 14 Westminster dog show and Meet the Breeds in New York City. What a Weekend
January 25 38th Annual Canine Learning Experience and Meet the Breeds in Allentown, Pennsylvania AND Golden Gate Dog Show in San Francisco. Historic Weekend


December 13-14: Orlando Eukanuba Championship and Meet-the-Breeds Event. Five Kooikerhondjes in Agility Invitational
June 7–8 Annual Event at Gray Summit, Missouri (Purina Farms) and Annual Meeting in Labadie. Largest concentration of Kooikerhondjes in North America, ever.
March 8–9 Seattle Kennel Club Meet the Breeds. KCUSA Booth Wins 1st Prize.
January 25 Allentown Canine Learning Experience. Eight Kooiker Ambassadors.


November 3 Badger Kennel Club’s 25th Annual Wisconsin Dog Fair. Kooikers a Rare Breed.
September 21–22 Kooikerhondjes Go to Raleigh (AKC’s Responsible Dog Owner day). 
June 14–15 KCUSA Annual Event and Meeting in Kalamazoo, Michigan (UKC Premier Dog Show). Fine Times at Kooikermazoo


October 20–21 AKC Meet The Breed at the Javits Center, NYC. “Some 30,000 dog lovers.”
October 6–7 AKC Misc. and FSS Breeds Open Show in Davidson, Maryland. I-Ron and Tosca represent the Kooikers.
June 30 Annual Meeting at the home of Rod and Marta Beckstead, Allentown, Pennsylvania. And a great cookout, too.
June 9 Greenwich Kennel Club Annual Show. Kooikers are all-weather dogs.
March 3–4 Detroit Kennel Club Dog Show. Designated “new breed.”


November 19–20 AKC’s Meet the Breeds at the Javits Center, NYC. “I came just to meet these dogs.”
October 8 Fourth Annual Fun Match. A wild success!