About the Breed

The Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is a spaniel type of dog that originated in Europe hundreds of years ago. It was developed to work as a decoy luring ducks into traps, or eendenkoois, along the wetlands and canals of The Netherlands.

The kooikerhondje  was also a favorite of Dutch nobility, and appears in paintings by the Dutch Masters.

Lady at Her Toilet, Gerard Borch

Lady at Her Toilet, Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681)

Now the kooikerhondje is gaining popularity in the United States and is on its way to full recognition with the American Kennel Club. The breed, as well as individual animals from North America and The Netherlands, was featured on Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 in 2010. Because it is still a rare breed outside of Europe, there are very few people in the US who are lucky enough to have met a kooikerhondje or to have one as a part of the family!




All about Dogs: the Kooikerhondje

KCUSA member Rod Beckstead talks about the kooikerhondje breed on BCTV’s “All about Dogs” program on March 4, 2014. Host Pat Mock introduces the kooikerhondje first (at 27:45) and Rod joins the conversation at 27:00. Rod explains kooikerhondjes’ duck hunting work, its temperament, abilities, and their (few) health concerns.